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Change Size

Change Size
Change the width, depth and height or an object base on 3 bases

1. Select Modify - Change Size - Free(Shortcut Key: F9)
2. Left click to choose object you want to modify.
3. The system will pop up “Change Size” dialog box.

4. Change Size by modifying the values in the dialog; choose bases to change size from different direction.
5. Click “OK” the end the setup.

Change Width (Extend/Trim)
Change the width of a unit by extending to/ trimming by another cabinet unit to fill the vacancy.

1. Select Modify - Change Size - Change Width (Extend/Trim)
2. Select the unit you want to modify and the referent unit.

Filler Extend
Use filler extend to extend the filler to fill space between two units.

1. Select Modify - Change Size - Filler Extend.
2. Select the filler and the referent unit you want the filler to extend to.

Replace a unit with another.

1. Select Modify - Replace (Shortcut Key: F9)
2. Select the cabinet unit or accessory to be replaced, as you can see the instruction near the cursor.

3. It will appear the library; choose one to replace the previous, click “OK”.

4. A dialog box will pop up, inquiring whether to keep its size as the previous product. Click “Yes” to keep the size of the previous, click “NO” to apply the size of the new product.

Drag Drop

Unit DragDrop
Function: To relocate the cabinet.

Select Modify - Unit DragDrop (Shortcut Key: F3)
Use Unit DragDrop to move a cabinet unit to a place next to another object, e.g. a wall or another unit. Use your mouse to locate the unit you want to move. There will be a green shadow the place is suitable for that unit.

Fix Edge
Function: Edge Fix function is for creating the island unit design of the picture below.


1. Layout one cabinet in the room.

2. Layout another cabinet next to the first cabinet.

3. Select Modify - Edge Fix function.

4. Move the cursor to the edge of the cabinet, it will show in red color. Left click the mouse to select it.

5. Then move the cursor to the first cabinet’s edge, and left click to select.

6. There is a green shape snap to the back of the first cabinet. It is the preview.

7. Left click the mouse to confirm. Then the cabinets will snap to each other.

Unit Position

Unit Position
Show the unit position of the selected unit.

1. Select Modify - Query - Unit Position
2. Select a cabinet unit by click; it will pop up a “Query of Unit Position” dialog box.
3. Choose what you what to query according to the prompt of dialog box.

This function is to show or modify the properties of cabinet units and accessories.

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